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Do you need a guide to releasing the mind’s full energies … a handbook for the soul? Must you trip over your own feet all too often and find yourself not “with it”?

Some move through their day with ease; others too often stumble or knot themselves up. Yet we’re more than the limited beings we see ourselves as. Our lives can follow a different story than one that leaves us restless and unfulfilled, and we need not repeat behavior that defeats growth.

In this compelling and enlightening book, Dr. Rajiv Juneja offers a glimpse into the biological base of the mind — a mind-body whose sense of soul we entrust ourselves to. This sense of soul turns on choices that fulfill us, rather than just cover over our empty spaces. These choices give us spirit and toughness.

You Are More Than That looks into your richest strategies for coping with yourself and becoming fully purposeful beyond mere comfort zones. Shaping up for peak performance in body and mind takes deep self-understanding, and this book opens with an invitation to become self-aware and name the processes that hinder growth and even bind you to underperformance. These can be social or biological processes that limit your being. How do you break free of underachievement? How does stress in your day-to-day life become a barrier to knowing who you are?

We can rise above stress through the mind-body tie. New tests on the placebo response, where health improves based on treatment regimens of pills with no effective medicine in them, show that sheer belief in ourselves and our own resolve can lift us from self-limiting beliefs. Even if we may fall short of our hopes and expectations, Dr. Raj shows that we are better than we think and can find strength through greater self-understanding.

A new you is within arm’s reach once you face your fears of falling short. You are more than that.

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